Annual Tom Dehoney Memorial Big Bass Tournament

Sponsored & Officiated by the Columbia County Bass Club

This year’s tournament will be held Saturday, May 20th, 2017 from Safelight to 2:00 p.m. at LAKE COLUMBIA (North Shore Landing).

Please download your entry form and Tournament Rules by clicking on the links to the right. For updated information call: Doug Ruby, 870-904-0881

This is a Big Bass Tournament.
Seven (7) hourly prizes will be awarded, plus the Grand Prize for the largest bass of the tournament.
Tournament hours are Safelight till 2 PM on May 20, 2017.
The first hourly Big Bass Award will be at 8AM and each following hour until 2 PM.

Grand Prize guaranteed to be $1,000!
Hourly awards to be determined by participation – if forty (40) entries, $150, if over fifty-five (55) entries, $250.
If no legal fish is weighed during an hour period, the prize money will be carried over to the next hour.
No prizes will be awarded before 2:15 PM on the day of the tournament.

Tournament Headquarters will be at the North Shore Landing on Lake Columbia.
All tournament activities (check-in, take-off, weigh-in, etc.) will be conducted from that location.

All boats must be checked in and launched at the North Shore Landing to be eligible to participate in the tournament.
Boats will leave the landing in single file by order of registration
(B.A.S.S. style launch)

Awards & Prizes

Hourly awards to be determined by participation. Grand Prize is $1,000.00!

2016 Results:

2016 Overall Winner: Richard Carroll-6.39 lbs. winner of Grand Prize, 1,000!

8:00 Hour: Joseph Waters – 5.41 pounds ($150.00)

9:00 Hour: Mark Barr – 3.03 pounds ($150.00)

10:00 Hour: Jerry Caskey – 4.79 pounds ($150.00)

11:00 Hour: Jeff Snider – 4.38 pounds ($150.00)

12:00 Hour: Bryer Pennington – 4.46 pounds ($150.00)

1:00 Hour: Richard Carroll – 6.39 pounds ($150.00)

2:00 Hour: Joseph Waters – 4.57 pounds ($150)

Pictured below, Overall Winner, Richard Carroll.  Winner of the $1000 prize at the Tom Dehoney Memorial Big Bass Tournament Saturday with a 6.39 lb. Bass!

2016 Fishing Tournament winners

Sign Up & Entry Fee

$80 per boat, Max 2 per Boat

Sign Up will be at Steve’s Outdoors in Magnolia starting at 9 AM April 29, 2017. Take off positions will be determined by order of sign up.

Entries will be accepted until 80 entries have been received. Entry fee’s become non-refundable after May 19th, 2017. After noon on May 19th, all registrations must be made at ramp.

Rules and Entry Forms

Download your entry form and rules sheet by clicking on the links below

• Tournament Entry Form
• Tournament Rules

Entry Forms may be mailed to:
Terry Neal
363 Hwy 371 S.
Magnolia, AR 71753

Names will be added to the list the day they are received.