Peoples Bank Treasure Hunt

Clues will be posted starting Monday of Festival week.


The 2017 Peoples Bank Treasure was found by April Olinger on the corner of Frederick and Main on the guardrail at that intersection.  It was a magnetic medallion that was placed on the inside of the rail.

Thank you to our great Sponsor, Peoples Bank and to all participants!

Each year thousands of people swarm the downtown area of Magnolia in search of $400.00 of hidden treasure sponsored by Peoples Bank.  The annual Treasure Hunt is one of the first events to kick off the week of the Blossom Festival. Each day clues will be given as to it’s location. This year, Clues for the Peoples Bank Treasure Hunt will begin on Monday of Festival week.

Clues for the Treasure Hunt begin @ 7am. Listen for clues on KZHE, KVMA, KVMZ-FM 99.1 and The Banner News, check updates on,  as well as finding them here on our site. Clues will be posted twice a day. Once in the morning then a second clue given at the noon hour. Good Luck!

The Treasure Hunt is sponsored by:  Peoples Bank

Peoples bank3

Here is your first clue in the 2017 Peoples Bank Treasure Hunt:

Monday 7 AM:
So a year has passed
and it’s that time again.
The Blossom Treasure is hidden
for someone to win.
Look up, look down, look all around
but please remember,
its not always on the ground

Monday’s Noon Clue:

Public property is the place it will be

So don’t dig in flowers or around any trees

You may have to look hard,

but it will be in plain sight

red, blue, who knows

The question is will it be bright.

Tuesday 7 AM

Thank you, People’s Bank

for making this treasure hunt the best.

The hunters will be looking for the prize

and hoping they complete the quest.

Tuesday PM (Noon Hour)

It’s time to use your education

and remember your good ole geometry skills.

This will help find the location

to get your hands on the four hundred bills.

Wednesday AM

You won’t find the treasure

by sitting at home in your chair.

You’re looking in the right direction

If you are standing on the stair.


Thursday AM

Finding the treasure

can be such a chore.

From where I am located

I can see many stores.