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Just when you think there's only one way to grill a steak, someone pops up and surprises you with a flavor you never expected. Is your steak the World Champion Steak?

Sign up to bring your grilling rig and set up on the beautiful Historic Downtown Magnolia Square and show the world what you're all about!



1) The World Championship steak will be judged on appearance, degree of doneness (medium), tenderness, taste and overall impression.


2) No branding irons or other identifying marks are to be used on the steaks submitted for judging. Your entry will be automatically disqualified if presented for judging with any identifying marks.


3) You will receive an official box to be used in submitting your steak to the judges. There will be a sealed envelope attached to the box in which there is a number. Remove the envelope from the box. This envelope is to stay sealed until the awards presentation ceremony at the main stage. Bring your sealed envelope to the awards presentation. The Chief Cook will be told when to open the envelope. Opening the envelope prior to this time WILL result in disqualification of the cooking team. This is to insure anonymity of all steaks submitted for judging. No garnishments allowed in the box.


4) Between 4:30 and 5:45pm, at the Chief Cooks discretion, a steak for judging is to be selected, placed in the official box and delivered to the judge’s station which will be located at the SAU Beyond the Campus store North Entrance (side door that opens to the stage) at the Northwest corner of the square.


5) All steaks submitted for judging are to be cooked medium. For this contest medium is interpreted as pink and moist in the center of the ribeye - not red and running. So remember that degree of doneness is one of the very important criteria in the steak judging.


6) There will be a panel of 6 judges. The judges will not know the identity of the cooking teams. The steaks will be scored by number only and the identifying number of the cooking teams will not be known until the awards ceremony.

Enter the World Championship Steak Cook-Off™

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Applications for 2024 are Closed
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