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Each year there are many hours of time dedicated to bringing you all the activities associated with the Blossom Festival. This page is dedicated to those individuals that volunteer their time and energy both months before the festival during the planning phase to the day of the festival where long hours are put in to see things run as smoothly as possible.

Director – Bonnie Keith

Assistant to Director – Mandy Sharpe

Treasurer – Morgan Harlon

Car Show – Travis Arnold

Utilities – Rodney Peterson

Entertainment & Catering – Julia Nipper & Jenni Daniel

Art Show – Janet Rider-Babbit, Katherine Caldwell

Crafts – Annette Pate, Micki Mitchell
Production – Thumbprint Productions

Clean Up Supervisor – John Dyson

Canine Fun Show – Doris Warren

First Aid Booth – Columbia County Ambulance Service

Fishing Tournament – Terry Neal, Doug Ruby

Food Vendors – Ellie Baker

Information Booth – Nicole Szadziewicz

Judges – Emily Barker


Appetizer Challenge – Della Wooley

Parade – Madalynn Vann

5-K Run – Paul Garris

Publicity & Ads – Bonnie Keith

Pageant – Amy Emerson

Serving Lines – Melissa Ludwig

Security – Lt. Sam Kirby

Steak Cook-off – Jason Ray

Set Up Crew – TJ Langley

Ticket Sales – Anna Kidd

T-Shirts – Jennifer Hubbard

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