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Each year thousands of people swarm the downtown area of Magnolia in search of the $1,000 hidden treasure sponsored by Peoples Bank.

The annual Peoples Bank Treasure Hunt is one of the first events to kick off the week of the Blossom Festival. Each day clues will be given as to its location. This year, Clues for the Peoples Bank Treasure Hunt will begin on Monday of Festival week.



Clues for the Treasure Hunt begin @ 7 am. Listen for clues on KZHE, KVMA, KVMZ-FM 99.1 and The Banner News, check updates on,  as well as finding them here on our site. Clues will be posted twice a day. Once in the morning then a second clue given at the noon hour. Good Luck!

  • The treasure is NOT on private property.

  • No digging required.

  • Avoid construction or caution-taped areas.

  • Respect monuments, memorials, plants, and all public property.

Monday 7:00 am

Maps and clues, a trail to trace,

In search of riches, a thrilling chase.

X marks the spot, where the fortune sponsored by People’s Bank gleams,

A treasure hunt for $1000, a dreamer's scheme.

Monday Noon

With eyes searching about and ground at our feet,

Observing the treasure in its full retreat.

No shovel in hand, no earth to disturb,

Just sight and insight, our senses superb.

Tuesday 7:00 am

Amidst the bustle, seek with care,

find the prize where traffic glares.

Where concrete meets our community's stride,

find the hidden gem near the sidewalks bide.

Tuesday Noon

Near a pathway cross, a choice unfurls,

directions beckon, to different worlds.

Search nearby, seek the hidden prize,

where diverging paths reveal the wise.

Wednesday 7:00 am

In the heart of town where history thrives,

beneath the gaze of our bright-lit skies,

where Betsy dances, the winds confer,

the treasure lies, awaiting spur.

Wednesday Noon

Where tales of old still come alive,

begin your quest for the treasure to arise.

Amidst the piazza, seek where shadows fall,

to find the treasure, heed the city's call.


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