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World Championship Steak Cook-Off™

You are invited to cook in the 34th Annual World Championship Steak Cook-off™ in beautiful Magnolia, Arkansas!

A total of $10,000 in prize money will be up for grabs, as we grill 2,000 mouthwatering Certified Angus Beef ribeye steaks!

Will you eat the World Champion Steak?

Your steak dinner will include a delicious 16 oz. Certified Beef Ribeye, (cooked by one of our fabulous cooking teams) baked potato, salad, roll & drink.

Tickets are $30 each.

Will you grill the World Champion Steak?

Gather your grilling buddies and compete for the Governor's Cup and cash prizes!

Check out our Appetizer Challenge!

Showcase your grilling creativity with the Annual Appetizer Challenge. Each year there is a specific ingredient that must be featured in the appetizer.


2024 World Championship Steak Cook-off™
Winner – Team Richards (Jacob Richards)

World Championship Steak Cook-off Scores

World Championship Steak Cooking Ranking Sheet

Rig Construction Score Sheet

Parade Score Sheet (Commercial)

Parade Score Sheet (Non-Commercial)

Appetizer Score Sheet

Fifth-through ninth runners-up received certificates

Winners by category:

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP STEAK COOK-OFF™ Winner: Team Richards (Jacob Richards)

First Runner-Up: Steak Busters (Cadence Bank)

Second Runner-Up: Infinite Grillers (Infinity Fitness

Third Runner-Up: Big Jon's Big Eats (Jon Rogers)

Fourth Runner-Up: BB's Burgers, Fish & More (Andre Marsh & Buddy Barnhart)

Fifth Runner-Up: MK Distributors (Clark Hale)

Sixth Runner-Up: Bry BQ (Bryan Lewis)

Seventh Runner-Up: Peoples Bank (Brad Roberson and Jamie Waller)

Eighth Runner-Up: Bigtime BBQ (Shane Gordan)

Ninth Runner-Up: Kade's Kids Foundation (Mark Pickard)


First Place: Bloomin Idiots (Betsey Productions)

Second Place: Peoples Bank

Third Place: Steak Busters (Cadence Bank)

Fourth Place: All Grill No Grease (OTM Trucking)

Fifth Place: Top Gun (Amfuel)


First Place: Kade's Kids Foundation

Second Place: Magnolia Trap Team - Gun Powder and Lead

Third Place: Family Tradition

Fourth Place: Casual Smoke

Fifth Place: Wild Game Bandits


Winner: Blowin' Smoke Grillers

Second Place: When Ya Hot Ya Hot

Third Place: Hog Tyed

Fourth Place: Mill Time Grillers

Fifth Place: Team Bromine


Ben E. Keith was the official sponsor of the 2024 Appetizer Challenge, a contest held among the steak cooking teams for the best appetizer. All of the entries were required to incorporate shrimp.

Winner: All Grill - No Grease - Jerk Salad

Second place: Big Jon's Big Eats - Crab Cake

Third place: Smoke and Heads - Rockin' Shrimp


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